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Hamas- Israel war: Three musketiers ? Hamas, iran, Russia

There was only one real winner last Saturday when war broke out in Israel — Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s enabling of his “Arsenals of Evil” ally, Iran, resulted in the opening of a new front in Gaza in his war against the West.  

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Turkey: Erdogan's iron grip pn Turkey ?

Ask a Turk when it was great in Turkey. They won't be able to answer .

Erdogan just expedited the collapse . He just short-sold USD overnight and caused millions of Turks to loose money .

However I think this will end up being good for the country . Turks did not ever fight for their civil rights. I hope that once AKP is gone they will have the following otherwise the cycle will continue.

  • separation of powers and independent judicial system
  • independent central bank
  • hiring/developing talents in government/universities regardless their political affiliation
  • freedom of speech
  • improvement in ease of doing business
  • Better government investment strategies with faster/higher ROI . Turkey built airports no one lands , bridges that utilized at a fraction of the forecasted volume.

Update : What I wrote above is the common denominator in any developed country. It's not rocket science . 

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China - US relations: Chip competition heating up

The US-China chip war is heating up after Huawei launched a new phone featuring technology that Washington was hoping to keep out of China's reach.

Last month, Huawei released the Mate 60 Pro phone without providing much detail on the chips used for the device. But Ottawa-based TechInsights, a research organization specializing in semiconductors, made a surprising discovery after taking the phone apart for analysis — the device was run on a Chinese-made Kirin 9000s 7-nanometer processor. The scale of the chip is essential, as smaller-scale chips can be packed with more elements, thus making them faster and more powerful. The chip also appears to be 5G capable.

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