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US - Saudi Relations: US President Trump puts weapons sale above Human Rights in disappearance of US Resident Journalist at Saudi Consulate in Istanbul

While Trump put sanctions on Turkey, a NATO partner, for not releasing a Christian Pastor,  he has done nothing so far for the flagrant Human Rights violations by Saudi-Arabia, who captured a US Resident, Saudi Arabian Journalist, while he visited their Istanbul Consulate and possibly killed him.

When asked why he has not taken any action against Saudi Arabia, Trump said the US is selling billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and does not want to loose billions of sales to other countries


Saudi - Arabia: A ruthless government captures local journalist Khashoggi in Turkey embassy while US keeps silent

Via euronews: Did Embassy in DC send Khashoggi to Istanbul? 

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United Nations: US Ambassador to the UN resigns

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley resigns

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