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Yahoo! News - Bush Economics: Nearly 36 Million Americans Live in Poverty and 45 Million Have No Health Insurance

Yahoo! News -

Nearly 36 Million Americans Live in Poverty
: "Despite the economic recovery, the percentage of the U.S. population living in poverty rose for the third straight year to 12.5 percent -- the highest since 1998 -- from 12.1 percent in 2002, the Census Bureau (news - web sites) said in its annual poverty report. The widely cited score card on the nation's economy showed one-third of those in poverty were children. The number of U.S. residents without health-care coverage rose 1.4 million to 45 million last year, while incomes were essentially stagnant, the Census Bureau said. The poverty line is set at an annual income of $9,573 or less for an individual, or $18,660 for a family of four with two children. Under that measure, a family would spend about a third of its income on food. "

The Prague Post: The EU is a farm that must be worked for the benefit of all

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