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Argus THE US ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: U.S. recession expanding - by Alyce I. Edrich

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U.S. recession expanding - by Alyce I. Edrich

"I watched a recent report on television where a woman worked three part-time evening jobs while her husband worked a full-time day job just to make ends meet. They didn't even own a home or spend foolishly. The woman had each job pinned down, too. One job paid their gas bill. Another job gave her money to help with the bills and to get discounts on clothing for her kids. The third job helped make ends meet toward the end of the month when things got really tight.If the federal government doesn't step in and put a cap on rising gas prices, America is going to be in a world of hurt. I know an electric company that was told by its supplier last month to buy all its supplies now for the summer because the prices were going to triple. For some businesses, that tripling of cost could put them out of business. And the problem is that even if we wanted to boycott the oil industry, it never would last long enough to make a difference. It's hard to boycott gas prices when people need to get to work so they can make money to feed their families and put roofs over their heads. These oil tycoons know this - sadly.

Of course, if you look at the stock market, what do you see? The rich getting richer, their pocket books getting fatter, and the average American struggling.

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