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EU: Austerity is not working around Europe - Time for change?

The Guardian notes in an editorial that at a stroke, the Greek general election of 2015 has destroyed the post-recessionary political norms and assumptions of Greece and shaken those of the European Union to the core as well.

For six years, Greeks have protested against harsh eurozone disciplines, but the nation’s eventual, though resentful, readiness to put up with the resulting hardships has been a source of stability. In Sunday’s vote, however, Greek patience finally snapped, particularly among the middle classes, ousting the pro-austerity government of New Democracy and electing the anti-austerity left-coalition Syriza in its place.

As a consequence, the past is no longer much of a guide to the future, at least in Athens, and perhaps elsewhere in Europe.

For the complete editorial  from the Guardian click here 

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