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Greece seeks Eurozone recognition of economic progress

Greek politicians say they are hopeful that Eurozone ministers will recognise the fiscal progress that the country has made.

Eurozone finance ministers are meeting in Brussels on Monday to continue negotiations on a deal to release a portion of billions of bailout funds.

Greek ministers says they will honour a payment of €750m (£544m, $834m) to the IMF due on Tuesday.
No breakthrough is expected at Monday's talks, with many issues unresolved.

Greece's left-wing government has said it will not break anti-austerity electoral promises, something that has put the country at odds with European creditors.

Greece has until June to agree a new reform deal with its creditors.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is reported to have told his cabinet that Europe needs to acknowledge the economic reforms that Greece has made.

Eurozone ministers are not hopeful of a deal being struck.

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