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Doomsday Scenario: Mega-tsunami warning: Natural disaster warning that could wipe out cities - by Oli Smith

 A crew of scientists recently discovered the sudden collapse of a giant volcano 73,000 years ago unleashed a wave nearly 1,000ft in height, the largest ever seen on geological record.

Experts have warned a similar catastrophic mega-tsunami could happen again.

The Fogo volcano at Cape Verde, which triggered the unprecedented wave, remains one of the world's largest and most active island volcanoes.

The volcano suddenly became active late last year.

Seismologists said the eruption in November was one of the strongest ever recorded on the island.
Experts fear another powerful eruption could send a devastating mega-tsunami across the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists have recently uncovered the terrifying details behind the ancient natural disaster.
The waves were so powerful they launched boulders the size of delivery vans into mountains more than 30 miles away.

Academics from Bristol University's School of Earth Sciences believe the threat of an incident on a similar magnitude "still exists".

Lead researcher Dr Ricardo Ramalho has warned such a wave, twice as high as Big Ben, would wreak untold destruction.
He said: "Our point is flank collapses can happen extremely fast and catastrophically, and therefore are capable of triggering giant tsunamis.

"We need to take this into account when we think about the hazard potential of these kinds of volcanic features.

"Fogo Island presently towers 9,281 ft (2,829m) above sea level, and erupts about every 20 years.

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