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EU referendum: What does Russia gain from Brexit?- by Steve Rosenberg

The Remain campaign claimed that the Kremlin was secretly backing a Brexit to weaken the European Union. In the words of Prime Minister David Cameron, President Vladimir Putin "might be happy" if Britain left the EU.

So, is he? Is the Kremlin leader loving a Brexit?
Not publicly, at least.

On Friday, Mr Putin told journalists the referendum result brought "positives and negatives". He spoke about the negatives, including the unsettling effect on financial markets.
But what are the "positives"? What does Russia gain from a Brexit?

The UK and EU have been plunged into economic uncertainty. What will happen? Will the UK break apart? Will other EU member states push to leave?

In the coming weeks, expect Russian state media to contrast post-referendum upheaval and uncertainty abroad with a picture of "stability" back home and images of a "strong" President Putin at the helm.

Ahead of parliamentary elections later this year, such coverage could boost the party of power, United Russia, and the president himself. Good for the ratings!

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