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Brexit: German politicians tell Irish counterparts ‘British are a disgrace’ - Lucy Pasha-Robinson

 Senior German politicians reportedly launched a scathing attack on their British counterparts, calling them a “disgrace” and labelling their response to Brexit “farcical” during a meeting in the Bundestag.

Irish and German figures gathered at an Oireachtas delegation held by the German Parliament’s finance committee to discuss Brexit.

Fine Gael senator Ray Butler, who attended the meeting, said the German politicians were speaking after a recent visit to Westminster.

“They said they were making it up as they went along and were very poorly prepared for Brexit.

“It was actually farcical, is what they said. They came out of the meeting very bemused and annoyed.”

Independent senator Gerard Craughwell said the group raised “deep concerns” over how prepared the UK was for Brexit.

“They found the British finance committee unprepared for Brexit and said they didn't seem to have considered the impact leaving the EU would have on Britain's economy,” Mr Craughwell said.

A report documenting the Bundestag visit recorded both German and Irish politicians as being disappointed by Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

Brexit: German politicians tell Irish counterparts ‘British are a disgrace’ | The Independent

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