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Britain furious, Trump unapologetic as fallout swells from anti-Muslim videos - by Karla Adam and William Booth

Trump Twitter Mania Continues unabated
The British revolt against President Trump swelled Thursday with Parliament members openly deriding him and Britain’s prime minister standing by her denunciations of Trump’s retweets of a fringe group’s anti-Muslim videos.

Prime Minister Theresa May blasted Trump for crossing a line by posting the inflammatory videos on his Twitter page Wednesday — and then warning May to essentially mind her own business and focus on Islamist terrorism instead of him.

But officials were careful to note that ties with the United States are stronger than the current flare-up with the White House.

“It’s increasingly clear that any official visit from President Trump to Britain would not be welcomed,” tweeted London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to hold the office. Khan has repeatedly called for Britain to withdraw an invitation for Trump to visit — and his stance appeared to gain backing amid the outrage against the president.

In a sign of the disruptive wake unleashed by Trump, British Home Secretary Amber Rudd had to remind Parliament and the public that Britain’s relationship with the United States was bigger than one president — and that important trade, security and intelligence sharing are ongoing.

Note EU-Digest: The statement issued by the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd in the British House of Parliament, was weak and insufficient. Britain should at least have presented an official note of protest to the US Ambassador in Britain and request apologies from the US Government for the insane and racially slanted Twitter messages by President Trump. The US President must not be allowed, at least by the international community, to get away with this nonsense.

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