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Turkey: Erdogan has lost his way - but look who is "calling the kettle black" - by Osama Yamani

Erdogan is living in a state of delusion imagining the revival of the Ottoman Empire. As a result of this delusion, he has built a 1150-room presidential palace with large gardens, a conference center and an operations room with satellite connections, military telecommunications systems and fortifications that can resist biological, nuclear and chemical weapons.

The palace has tight security measures that prevent the eavesdropping on telephone conversations. The palace guards wear the uniforms of the Ottoman Guard. All of the construction costs and post-construction costs including the maintenance and operation of this palace were enormous in order to satisfy Erdogan’s dream of reviving the Empire.

That dream has caused Turkey to lose its European and American allies, as well as neighbors and countries of the region due to its expansionist ambitions and policies of meddling in the affairs of others.

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