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EU-Digest: The Dutch and Their Muslims - working and living together

For more information on the Dialog Academy in Rotterdam click on this link

The Dutch and Their Muslims - working and living together

Historically the Netherlands has always been closely associated with Muslims. At the end of 1930 the Kingdom of the Netherlands had a total population of 85 million people. Nine million living in the Netherlands and 75 million living in what is now Indonesia. Of these 75 million inhabitants there were 56 million Muslims. The Dutch consequently learned a lot about coexisting with Muslims. To review this interesting history there will be a dinner and special lecture on April 11, starting at 18.30 in the Dialog Academy, Rochussenstreet 221, Rotterdam. The lecture entitled "the Dutch and their Muslims" will be by Professor Emeritus Karel Steenbrink of the University of Utrecht. For reservations and further information please contact Mrs. Iris Creemers at , or call +31- (0)10-4257533"

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