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Time Magazine- Is Al Gore the Answer? - by Joe Klein

Al Gore - could he become the Democratic Presidential candidate by default?

For the complete report from TIME Magazine click on this link

Is Al Gore the Answer? - by Joe Klein

"A prominent fund raiser told me, "Gore-Obama is the ticket a lot of people wanted in the first place." A congressional Democrat told me, "This could be our way out of a mess." Others suggested Gore was painfully aware of his limitations as a candidate. "I don't know that he'd be interested, even if you handed it to him," said a Gore friend. Chances are, no one will hand it to him. The Democratic Party would have to be monumentally desperate come June. And yet ... is this scenario any more preposterous than the one that gave John McCain the Republican nomination? Yes, it's silly season. But this has been an exceptionally "silly" year."

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