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Cafe Babel: EURO SCEPTICS - Czech Republic: EU equals protectionism equals communism? - by Pedro Picon

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EURO Sceptics: Czech Republic: EU equals protectionism equals communism? - by Pedro Picon

Miroslav Ševčík, head of the department of economics and social politics at the University of economics (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, VŠE) in Prague, says plainly that 'a free market does not exist among the citizens of the EU.' He is referring to the ‘discriminatory' help given to agriculture, and the opening of the markets (Austria still has shares for Czech workers), among other things. It goes further when considering that the entrance of the Czech Republic into the EU was contrary to its interests. There wasn’t a lot of confidence in the European elections. 'It doesn’t matter who is sitting there (in the European parliament), this government is not in relation with reality, and they do not represent anybody.' They are working on lobbyist projects, following only their interests and not those of the people. The ‘eurocracy’ serves no purpose but to distort the market.

What to do to reconcile all the countries in the EU? 'The EU has to pass a larger reform if it wants to survive and return to it former principles,' says Ševčík. 'If it wants to survive it needs less bureaucracy and more liberty for its citizens.' Tlapa argues, 'Each country chooses which model they follow and which is the most effective in each case. The ambition to control everything in the state has showed itself, historically to be ineffective.' The minister concludes that, 'Sometimes, long-term solutions are painful.' But this is true for anything these days.

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