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5/14/09 Gay people don't need marriage - by Mark Simpson

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Gay people don't need marriage - by Mark Simpson

Miss California, a practizing Christian, was last week denounced by Miss America gay judge Perez Hilton on his blog as "a dumb bitch" and unworthy of the Miss America crown because she gave the "wrong" answer to his chippy question about gay marriage. Like most Americans – including the current Democratic president of the United States – she believes that marriage is "between a man and a woman". Boo! Hiss! Rip her to shreds! President Obama expressed the exact same view during the Presidential Election: "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it's also a sacred union. You know, God's in the mix." Of course, instead of being scorned as a bigot and a dumb bitch, Obama was handed the Mr America crown by liberals and probably most gay voters. But I suppose that being president of the United States is a rather less important title than Miss America. Branding Christians and traditionalists "bigots" for being Christians and traditionalists and thus none too keen to fundamentally revise the definition of marriage is a highly unattractive exercise in liberal self-righteousness that makes Miss America look quite sophisticated.

New ways of living and loving require new institutions. Or in the words of the famously unmarried Galilee carpenter and fisher of men: put new wine into new wineskins. And keep the flippin' Pharisees out of it. Or else you'll end up with a tacky mess.Fully-recognized, open-to-all civil unions are a secular institution that helps to shore up a fragile secular society. And make no mistake, it is secularism on which most of the – historically very, very recent – freedoms enjoyed by lesbians and gays are based, along with those of women. Note EU-Digest: If you are Gay or Lesbian and profess to be a believer in the Christian or Muslim faith you better brush up on your Bible and Koran. The bottom line remains, if you can't make babies together or at least try and make it happen as man and a woman, you might be o.k to the secular world, but you ain't doing what you were created for. Even Darwin would have told you so. So dear Gays and Lesbians, go for the civil union, and be happy ever after.

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