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Ads-oriented media breeds biased journalism - Mark Crispin Miller

Modern America’s media is a cartel system that is owned and dominated by a handful of huge corporations saddled with heavy debts, said author Mark Crispin Miller, who shared his views on American media and propaganda.

Miller says:  “What they tend to do is cut costs wherever possible and at the same time go for the kind of material that they think will sell the most and the quickest,” said the author, “You basically get a new system that resembles the worst aspects of the Internet and that is simply because it is profit-driven, advertising-based and controlled – that is probably the most important – by a handful of enormous commercial entities that are very close to our government and that is not good for democracy.”

Note EU-Digest: It is not only in America where this happens, but in just about any country in the world. Unfortunately sensationalism sells and the media applies it in order to survive. The Ménage à Trois of Free Enterprise, Politics and Journalism has resulted in poorly informed and polarized citizens and the situation can only be expected to get worse.The positive side of the coin is that people are now turning in droves to the Internet and news blogs to form their own opinion. This fact obviously is also noticed by the world's corporate cartels and political establishment and has led them to also start infiltrating this last bastion of "freedom of expression" in a variety of devious manipulations. In this context it is also good to remember the saying, "that if hierarchy is inaccessible on the human level, then chaos will prevail rather than natural order."

For the complete report: Ads-oriented media breeds biased journalism – author - RT

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