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Slovaks protest against patriotic education law - World - Javno

About a thousand Slovaks, mostly students and teachers, marched through the capital Bratislava Wednesday to protest against a new law aimed at promoting the national flag, anthem and symbols in schools.

Last week, the Slovak parliament adopted a law which obliges state primary and secondary schools as well as universities to sing the national anthem at the beginning of every school week starting in April.

The law sparked wide public dismay in the ex-communist country after the far-right Slovak National Party, a junior coalition member, pushed for the reform ahead of a June 12 general election. More than a thousand people ranging in age from 12 to 60 sang the national anthem in front of the presidential palace in the Bratislava city centre in protest at the compulsory patriotic education. "We don't need a law to be patriots," read their banners.

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