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EU Apple tax: Irish cabinet to appeal against EU ruling - "have they gone crazy?"

Protesters outside the Irish Parliament on FridayThe Republic of Ireland's cabinet has agreed to appeal against the European Commission's ruling that Ireland granted undue tax benefits of up to €13bn (£11bn) to Apple.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said he made no apology for defending the Irish government's right to appeal.

The decision to appeal was agreed by the Irish cabinet on Friday morning.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said he was "very confident" the ruling would be overturned on appeal.

He called the European Commission's decision "maddening" and "political".

Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Mr Kenny said: "This is about Ireland, it is about our people, it's about us as a sovereign nation, actually setting out what we consider our appropriate policies".

Note EU-Digest: either the Irish Government went crazy or they made a secret deal with Apple. 

This is Apple and Ireland in terms of the back taxes Apple owns.

demanded in back taxes. Equal to:

  • ALL of Ireland's healthcare budget
  • 66% of its social welfare bill
  • 15 million iPhones
  • 27% of Apple's 2015 profit
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