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US Presidential Elections:Clinton needs to reboot with clean slate - by Russ Wiles

Although a confirmed, albeit rather passive Democrat, I am appalled at the frightening perils and forces the current presidential campaign has unleashed and the electoral choice Americans face.

Donald Trump’s dodgy history as a businessman and TV impresario, along with his smarmy personal life, would seem to most thinking people to disqualify him from being a serious candidate for any public office, let alone president. But for a country that has seen the likes of actors and sports stars turn politicians, Trump may not seem so bizarre. Given his offensive and erratic behavior and temperament, now coupled with his unambiguous tilt to the Dark Side by teaming up with Steve Bannon, chief of Breitbart News, the voters’ choice on Nov. 8 should be an easy one.

But in my view, Hillary Clinton is in many ways an imperfect choice despite her fabulous career of public service. Her shortcomings, taken together with many people’s justifiable disillusionment and frustration with the entrenched ways of Washington, should keep us from being complacent despite Clinton’s current poll numbers. The risk of a Trump victory is just too real given Clinton’s propensity for avarice, scandalous ethical lapses and predilection to blame others for her own foibles and poor judgment.

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