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British Elections: EU chuckles at May’s misfortune, braces for trouble – by David M. Herszenhorn

There was Schadenfreude, for sure, but no trash talk — not yet.

As the world digested the news that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May had lost her majority in a snap election she called hoping to strengthen her hand in the upcoming Brexit negotiations, the EU could hardly resist a chuckle.

But now, facing deep uncertainty over what the inconclusive result means for the Brexit negotiations — Will there be a long delay? Will the U.K. take a new, hard line? Or interpret the result as backing for a soft Brexit? — there was little cause to celebrate for senior EU officials.

Instead, in public at least they took the high road, expressing hope that the U.K. would be able to get its act together and come to the negotiation table as soon as possible. Privately, EU officials reacted with consternation that an already tough

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