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Refugees: Record 65.6 million 'forcibly displaced' in 2016 - UN Global Trends Report Shows

Conflict or persecution forced a record 65.6 million people worldwide to flee their homes by the end of 2016. That equates to one person displaced every three seconds.

The United Nations released the figure on Monday (June 19), the eve of World Refugee Day.

According to the findings of its Global Trends report, children under the age of 18 make up over half of the refugee population.

Unaccompanied or separated minors – largely from Afghanistan or Syria – lodged around 75,000 applications in 70 countries last year, although it is thought this figure could be higher, due to incomplete data.

While around half a million people returned to their countries of origin, an estimated ten million are believed to be stateless.

These statistics are not only deplorable, but also show what a terrible effect conflicts around the world have had on these figures. The blame for this drama squarely rest on the shoulders of governments in the West, East, and Middle East, who have financed these proxy wars. It is a blatant fact, even if none of these countries ever is willing to admit it.   

For the complete UN report click here

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