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Airlines In Turkey And Dubai Cleared From Laptop Ban - by Chris Benderev

Two airlines in the Middle East say they have been exempted from a 2-month-old ban on carrying large electronic devices aboard direct flights to the United States.

Emirates, the Middle East's largest long-haul airline, said in a statement Wednesday that the ban was lifted, "effective immediately," on Emirates' flights from Dubai International Airport to the U.S. Also on Wednesday, Turkish Airlines announced the ban was no longer in place for its travelers departing the Istanbul Ataturk Airport for American destinations.

U.S.-bound flights out of Etihad Airlines of Abu Dhabi International Airport were cleared Sunday. (Etihad is the only airline with direct flights to the U.S. out of Abu Dhabi International.)

The news suggests all three airports have met newly heightened standards by American security officials, according to the Associated Press.
Turkish airlines CEO Bilal Eksi tweeted Tuesday that he also believed a similar ban on large electronics on U.K.-bound flights would be lifted soon.

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