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USA: Trump Presidency, a disaster, while Republicans are asleep behind the wheel - FBI verdict only deepens Washington's nightmare - by Stephen Collinson

This long national nightmare may never be over.

The sour legacy of the 2016 election is further tightening its grip on Washington after the release of a critical report on the FBI's conduct while investigating scandals linked to the vote. And a new legal front is opening with stunning allegations about the Trump family's behavior during the campaign
It all made for another surreal day in the nation's capital Thursday that deepened cavernous divides, dealt a fresh battering to the nation's bedrock legal institutions and further undermined the notion that a shared objective truth underwrites American political life.

The publication of the Justice Department's inspector general's report also offered an unsettling preview of how the political power centers are likely to splinter along partisan lines when Robert Mueller eventually reveals the results of the Russia investigation.

Note EU-Digest: an unending number of Trump disasters is taking the US off in the deep end, while the political establishment is doing next to nothing to prevent it. Is this the birth of a new "Banana Republic" ? 

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