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The Netherlands: Dutch churches for sale as congregations dwindle

Research by Herman Wesselink indicates that nearly 1,000 churches will be left without congregations by 2030 mainly because of population movement. Wesselink states that the Dutch public have distanced themselves from the church over the last 50 years, and that congregations are becoming a thing of the past.

In 1968, 2.7 million Dutch Catholics attended church on a weekly basis. In 2016, this figure plummeted to 173,000. It is expected that in 2030, a mere 63,000 Dutch Catholics will be weekly church goers.

As a result, Wesselink believes that few churches will remain open in big Dutch cities while many will be shut down and sold off in smaller towns.

Note EU-Digest: Sign of the times, or the result of the fact that many of today's Pastors and Priests are unable to properly articulate, or be a living example of the revolutionary message, and the extraordinary transformation available to People, Jesus preached about?

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