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USA: Cohen and Manafort Will Only Make Trump Stronger - by Peter Roff

It was entertaining to watch the pundits on cable news start to salivate as news broke Tuesday that an Alexandria, Virginia jury had found former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty on eight of the 18 counts with which he’d been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

If ever there was a day to see the media has a rooting interest in seeing Donald Trump go down, this was it. Some commentators seemed almost giddy as they reported Manafort guilty on five counts of tax fraud, one count of hiding foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud as though, somehow, this finding was the certain first step down the road toward removing the president from office.

It’s important to note, at this juncture, that all the crimes of which Manafort was accused—including the ten in which the jury could not reach a verdict and for which federal judge T.S. Ellis declared a mistrial—had everything to do with his lobbying work and not a thing to do with anything related to his role as a Trump campaign official.

The president, surprisingly, seemed nonplussed by it all.

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