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European Aircraft Industry: Airbus A380 helps squeeze more traffic growth out of congested airports

A380 squeezes more traffic out of airports
European plane manufacturer Airbus has emphasised the importance of large aircraft such as its flagship A380 to help squeeze more traffic growth out of congested airports such as Sydney Airport.

Airlines are increasingly turning to the world’s largest jetliner to fly long-haul routes to Australia. Asia’s largest airline, China Southern, will join Qantas, Emirates and Singapore Airlines in flying A380s here later this year.

Airbus’ director of product marketing for the A380, Richard Carcaillet, said the double-decker plane was a ‘‘significant solution’’ to helping boost traffic at congested airports.‘‘Sydney is congested – there is no doubt about that,’’ he said.

Mr Carcaillet cited the impact the arrival of the A380 had on Heathrow Airport, one of the most slot-constrained airports in the world, in boosting passenger traffic.
‘‘Without the A380, the airport would have been absolutely static and airlines would have lost out on potential growth,’’ he said on Wednesday during a visit to Sydney.

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