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FOCUS-ON : A new EU-Digest monthly feature

Starting July 26 EU-Digest will  focus monthly on one specific subject selected from a wide range of relevant issues. The "sky being the limit" as to the issues that will be discussed. At times we will write the report ourselves and on other occasions invite special guests to do so. 

The first "FOCUS ON"  will be featuring:  "Netherlands the best place in the world to take a biking vacation"
EU-Digest will also review any of our readers voluntary contributions for possible inclusion in the "FOCUS-ON" series, but reserves the right to reject them without further explanation. To get your proposals to us just write them into the comments link of any EU-Digest report.

Public and Private sector entities who have a service or product to offer which is relevant to the issue discussed in "FOCUS-ON" can make use of our advertising link services which can be found on the left and right hand panels of EU-Digest


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