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EU - Migrants:: France and UK sign Calais cooperation agreement

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and his British counterpart Theresa May signed a deal on Thursday to set up a joint crisis centre aimed at tackling people smugglers in Calais. Under the agreement, a second facility will also be built near the entrance to the Channel Tunnel to reduce nightly break-in attempts by migrants.

“They’re setting up a command and control centre to go after the traffickers, the people who are making money out of the misfortunes of the refugees and asylum seekers who’ve been turning up at Calais”, said Rob Parsons, FRANCE 24’s chief foreign editor.

The increased security measures include higher fences, new surveillance cameras and more infrared detection technology to prevent migrants from climbing onto trucks and trains.

“A couple of months ago, 2 000 people were attempting to get through every night. That’s been cut down already to 100-150 and that’s partly through introducing toughest tougher security measures: more fencing, better fencing, more lighting. Part of this deal will be more of that”, explains Parsons.

Britain will also provide 10 million euros ($11.2 million) over two years to speed up asylum applications and boost humanitarian aid.

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