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UK: Brexit: 'I don't want to be in no man's land': most 'Brexit Brits' seeking second passports - by Guardian Reporters in the EU

Across Europe British expats fear that if the UK leaves the European Union the lives they have built up abroad could be destroyed.

 Britons have been wrong-footed by the sudden lurch closer to EU exit. The Guardian spoke to Brits in five European countries about action they are taking to ensure Euroscepticism doesn’t ruin their lives.

All the people interviewed deplored the idea.

Aiden Macfarlane - a British national living in Sweden says: “I love the space and the freedom here, and people have different things to talk about than house prices,” says Macfarlane, 58, from Manchester. “The quality of my life cannot be compared to England – I’ve forgotten what stress is.”

But now the dream is crumbling and stress is staging a comeback for Macfarlane in the form of Britain’s impending referendum on leaving the EU.

He is worried about the consequences for his right to run a business in Sweden, and is urgently trying to become a Swedish citizen.

But his tour company is just a year old, and even though he has lived here for three years it is only his time paying tax that counts towards the necessary residence period to qualify for citizenship.

“I don’t want to get stuck in a no man’s land,” Macfarlane says. “What happens to my business? I have worked very hard to build it up. What happens to my right to live here?”

As all of the Expats interviewed said : "BREXIT would be the most ridiculous thing Britain could do." 

For the complete report click here: 'I don't want to be in no man's land': the 'Brexit Brits' seeking second passports | Politics | The Guardian

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