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ISIS: How to Speak With Young Muslims About The Dangerous Aspects Of ISIS - by Imam Sohaib Sultan

The so-called solution provided by ISIS propaganda basically boils down to something along the lines of: "The West is the problem; Islam is the solution."

And, then young people are told that the "Islamic solution" can only happen with the total domination of societies from top down. And, that this totalitarian vision can only be achieved through war and fighting against all those who oppose this radical vision -- even against fellow Muslims.

In fact, the more that ISIS is condemned the more appealing it can be for some who are precisely seeking a movement or cause that will stick it to the status quo. The more that the West, in particular, speaks and mobilizes against ISIS and even heightens its rhetoric against them, the more appealing it can be to those who have come to see the world as a polarization that pits Islam against the West and sees the West as an unrelenting enemy of Islam.

So, what is really needed instead on college campuses and beyond is to offer young people a different radical and bold vision for how to engage with the world and how to make real and positive change in society.

The fire that many young people have to change the world should be honored. It is about getting students involved -- as early as possible -- in the more difficult, but ultimately more satisfying and successful, work of social justice organizing and human rights advocacy and grassroots mobilization.

If the passions that young people have are not directed in good and constructive ways, then some will find evil and destructive ways to engage their passions. That's a hard, but simple truth. So, the responsibility lies on all of us -- young and old and people of all backgrounds -- to counter violent extremism not just with words of condemnation, but more importantly with actions of compassion and models of construction.

Note EU-Digest: Imam Sohaib Sultan is to be commended for speaking out against this radical and maniacally dangerous ISIS doctrine and providing solutions other than just bombing them and in the process also killing many innocent civilians. Imam's everywhere  in the Muslim world need to follow in Imam Sohaib Sultan foot steps and start speaking out again ISIS. 

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