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Middle East: Saudi Arabia: Creating Frankenstein: The Saudi Export of Ultra-Conservatism - by James M Dorsey

Image result for Picture of Saudi FlagThe Saudi export and global support for religiously driven groups goes far beyond Wahhabism. It is not simply a product of the Faustian bargain that the Al Sauds made with the Wahhabis.

For the Saudi government, support of puritan, intolerant, non-pluralistic and discriminatory forms of ultra-conservatism – primarily Wahhabism, Salafism in its various stripes, as well as Deobandism in South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora – is about soft power.

To create soft power, Saudi Arabia has wage the single largest dedicated public diplomacy campaign in post-World War Two history. It is actually bigger than anything that the Soviet Union or the United States attempted.

The campaign is designed to a large extent to counter Iran in what is an existential battle for the Al Sauds, rather than a case of mere religious proselytization.

Note EU-Digest: Unfortunately many European Nations and the US are selling this totally ruthless and undemocratic fiefdom any kind of weapons and aircraft money can buy. When will this hypocracy end?

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