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Amaq News Agency: Isn't it high time for anti-terrorist forces to neutralize this major terrorist propaganda tool?

WIKIPEDIA reports that the Amaq News Agency was established during the Siege of Kobanî in 2014 as an alternative to Western media coverage of the siege.[1] It became more widely known after it began reporting what have been taken as claims of responsibility of terrorist attacks in Western countries, such as the 2015 San Bernardino attack. IS officially claimed responsibility the next day.[1]

It has featured embedded reporters at the scene of IS battles, including an Amaq cameraman who shot the first footage of the capture of Palmyra in 2015.[1]

Amaq has launched an official mobile app and has warned against unofficial versions that reportedly have been used to spy on its users.[2] It also uses a Telegram account.[3]

The obvious question is: with all the Western technical resources amd know-how at their disposal why hasn't the Intelligence Community not yet taken this News Agency out, or at least infiltrated them?


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