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Ukraine: Dutch to demand limits on Ukraine deal at EU summit- by Gabriela Baczynska

Dutch Referendum on Ukraine:PM  Mark Rutte 
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte will ask European Union leaders on Thursday December 16 to rule out Ukraine joining the bloc for now and to place clear limits on the rewards they offer Kiev under a landmark cooperation agreement, diplomatic sources told Reuters.

Failure to meet the Dutch demands would jeopardize the agreement, which establishes closer political ties and envisages a gradual freeing-up of trade to bind Ukraine closer to western Europe and draw it away from Russia's orbit.

Rutte is trying to free himself from a political bind after Dutch voters, concerned about the costs, rejected the so-called association agreement in a referendum in April. If his demands are met, he plans to go back to his parliament to win an endorsement that would overwrite the negative vote.

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