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Brexit: Lord Sugar: I'd fire Theresa May and send Jeremy Corbyn on a nice little trip to Siberia

Lord Sugar has said that if the general election was an Apprentice task, he would fire Theresa May and that Jeremy Corbyn would have won.

However, he did say the prize for Mr Corbyn's win should be a trip to Siberia.

The businessman, who used to be a Labour Peer before he resigned under Ed Miliband and became independent - and supported the Conservatives in the recent general election, was speaking to Emma Barnett on BBC Five Live.

He also said that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be in prison, or at least have criminal records, for their claim during the referendum campaign that £350million a week would go to the NHS post-Brexit.

Lord Sugar also said that he thinks that he should be on the negotiating team for Brexit, and that the current team isn't up to the job as they are politicians rather than businessmen and women.
He said that it is unlikely he will be asked, however, because he has never even met Theresa May.

He explained that David Davis and Liam Fox aren't up to the job,"not because they're bad people, but because they're businesspeople, they're politicians, not negotiators. They've never been anything apart from politicians.

"You need to have the right people doing the job properly.

"I see this departure from the EU is one of the biggest things that has happened to the adult population in this country. It's near to something as big as the Second World War really. When the country goes to war...the Government overall, oppoisition and the whole of the House of Commons [work together].

"All of the brains of the Labour Party and all of the brains of the Tory Party need to get together and get a good deal, push aside all the politics, push aside all the jibing at each other and put the best negotiators together that we have in the country.

"When that's done, they can knock each other's brains out".

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