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USA: ‘Fake news’? The Russia investigation is getting very, very real - by Amber Phillips

President Trump keeps calling the Russia investigation ‘fake news.’ But with each passing week, the independent investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia is getting more real, not less.

It's expanding, both in size and scope. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has built a team of lawyers who have expertise in cybercrime, white-collar crime, the mob, money laundering and Watergate. Together, his team has more than a century of legal experience.

The Justice Department's No. 2, Rod J. Rosenstein, originally appointed Mueller to investigate Trump campaign connections to Russia, but Mueller has wide latitude to look into whatever he wishes. So far, we know that's expanded to: Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, unspecified financial crimes and very specific accusations by the former FBI director that Trump himself tried to obstruct justice.

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