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Iceland: Öræfajökull – Iceland’s tallest volcano is waking up - by Gunnar Jónsson

Öræfajökull, which name translates to “Wasteland glacier” due to its destructive past, has begun to stir after 290 years of slumber. The glacier is located in southeast Iceland and is part of the great Vatnajökull glacier.

It’s not only dangerous because it had the most massive explosive eruption since Iceland was settled, but because of the immense flooding that occurs when it melts the ice on top of it.

The flood can reach the coastline in just 20 minutes, possibly not enough time for people in the area to evacuate. A few farmers live in the area, around 200 people, but it’s estimated that up to 2-3.000 tourists can be in the area, depending on the season. In the past,

Öræfajökull eruptions, and the floods that followed have wiped out human habitation in the area, hence the name.

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