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The Deep State: "Right Before Our Eyes": What Russian TV is saying about Thierry Meyssan’s book - by Evgeny Baranov

Russian’s leading TV channel has just dedicated an entire report on Thierry Meyssan’s latest book. This report was part of the main news broadcast. While Europe and the United States customarily presents this French author as an unfortunate half wit, the rest of the world does not follow suite. Quite to the contrary, they consider him to be one of the leading thinkers in the field of international politics. This contrast should attract the attention of everyone who finds the Western Press lacking. Thankfully, within the global village news only circulates in one direction; never from the rest of the world to the West.

Formally, the new policy was launched on September 11, 2001, after the horrific terrorist attack in New York - the destruction of the Twin Towers by airplanes. After this act of terrorism, the so-called "Patriot Act" was adopted, which permits pervasive surveillance of any American citizen.
Meyssan talks about the end of democracy in America. But he goes even further, and claims that the "Patriot Act" was conceived long before September 11. Restriction of freedoms was part of the plan. Another point of the plan is full control over the media by the Capital. And we are witnessing how Western media is being degraded before our own eyes. Already, Soviet newspapers look like beacons of democracy against this bleak and dreary backdrop.

On book shelves of Paris bookstores, a new book by French writer and journalist Thierry Meyssan is absent. It has to be ordered. The author of the book, in his homeland, is being considered to be an unreliable persona since the 16 years ago he allowed himself to publicly question the official version of the terrorist attack in New York on September 11, 2001.

All these years Meyssan was forced to live and work in the Middle East, where he witnessed how step by step the strategy of the new world order, built on the ruins of the twin towers, was implemented.

Meyssan’s book is an opportunity to see the real mechanisms that bring modern international relations in motion with all their cynicism, falsity and bloodthirstiness.
"This is the result of my work for the last seven years. It was written in cooperation with various governments. I worked with diplomatic documents, consulted officials, diplomats.

This is not a conspiracy theory, but a description of the working methods of some governments during this time. Unfortunately, there is no other explanation for the facts other than this, which I described.

I’m not necessarily absolutely right, but I’m close to the truth. Everyone today sees that the world seems to have gone mad, gone wrong, but no one understands how and why, and I explain this, explain the reaction of the players. I am certain of the veracity of these facts, "says the French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

The deep state, like any other, has its own history. In the contemporary American history, the countdown usually begins with the assassination of President Kennedy.

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