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Economics: Free Markets And The Decline Of Democracy - by John Weeks

“We gather today in the year marking the 50th anniversary of the Union for Radical Economics and of the first issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics in which Michael Zweig and I had the lead articles, a publication with the rather modest appearance of coming straight off the mimeograph machine – if there is anyone here that remembers such primitive print technology.

In the context of that anniversary it is a great honor to deliver the David Gordon Memorial Lecture, all the more so because the theme I develop will draw on insights in his work, especially in his last book, Fat and Mean: The Corporate Squeeze of Working Americans and the Myth of Managerial ‘Downsizing’ .

The honor is all the greater when I reflect on previous speakers in this series, which reads like a roll call of the intellectual leaders of progressive economics:  Dean Backer, Juliet Schor, Tom Weiskopf, Duncan Foley, Nancy Folbre, Minqi Li, Gerry Epstein, Bill Darity, Jim Stanford, David Laibman, Ann Markusen, Michael Perelman, Doug Dowd and Bob Pollin.  Those who have preceded me set a tradition of excellence and that impressive tradition inspires me today.  I thank those involved in the selection process and thank you for joining me”

John Weeks gave the David Gordon Memorial Lecture at the American Economic Association January 5 and this interview on his ideas.

Note EU-Digest: Democracy is a "fluid fantasy" based concept, and Free Markets, a "Dog eat Dog", Capitalist concept, which in reality don't mix, but which have learned to co-exist, in order to keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer .

Click here for the video of the interview Free Markets And The Decline Of Democracy

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