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Facebook and Privacy Concerns: Deleting a Facebook account is almost impossible, says expert - by Marta Rodriguez Martinez & Cristina Abellan-Matamoro

 Cambridge Analytica scandal that has plagued Facebook for weeks has pushed a number of platform users to consider closing down their accounts.

However, even if people choose to delete their Facebook profiles, it is almost impossible to do so without leaving a digital footprint.

Juan Carlos Lara, a lawyer specialised in new technologies, explained to Euronews to what extent a Facebook account can be deleted.
How to eliminate a Facebook account – step by step

“Facebook is obliged to delete personal data for those who wish to terminate their accounts in most countries. However, there are two things to consider,” said Lara.


“The first thing is that the platform offers the option to 'deactivate' the account, which suspends it but does not erase all the personal data. This option is very easy — all you need to do is go to the general settings tab and click on ‘Manage account,’ which will give you the deactivate option."


“But this does not mean that your account has been erased. To do this, the process is quite easy but hard to find,” said Lara.

“In the same ‘Manage account’ option, you can click on a ‘More information’ link, which sends you to a graphic explanation of the deactivate option.

"In the ninth page of the document appears a new link with more detailed information on what erasing your account means (this option is also accessible through the frequently asked questions page). This link gives you the option to permanently delete the account."

You can find the link to delete your account here.

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