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US 2020 Republican primaries:Nikki Haley could beat Donald Trump hands-down in Republican primaries and become America's first female president?

Political insiders in the US and overseas rate Nikki Haley, (42) the most politically attractive, candidate given she has lots of Government Administrative and International experience re: former governor of South Carolina and presently US Ambassador to the United Nations, 

Insiders  are estimating that if she ran in 2020, she would win hands-down against Donald Trump in the Republican primaries . 

More important - however-for the Republican party is that she would probably also beat any candidate the Democrats could come up with if she was elected as the Republican Presidential candidate. 

Given that she is also of Indian-American origen would make her also an attractive Presidential candidate for other US ethnic minorities. Bottom-line she certainly has the potential to topple Trump in the Republican 2020 primaries and become the next US President.


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