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China’s EU envoy urges tough line against Trump’s trade policy- by Ruth Berschens & Till Hoppe

The Chinese ambassador to the European Union favored a confrontational style against Donald Trump’s protectionist course to show the US president’s policies are wrong. “China will fight back firmly,” Zhang Ming said.

“A policy of compromise or appeasement would only be counterproductive,” Zhang Ming said. “We must have the determination to show the initiator of the trade war that this is a wrong thing and it cannot go ahead.”

Indeed, the Asian country fired back immediately on Friday, hitting US shipments of soybeans and cars imported into China after Donald Trump’s administration had slapped a 25 percent levy on $34 billion of Chinese goods entering the US.

China would do everything possible to prevent a trade war, the Chinese diplomat said. “But if the threat is actually turned into reality, and the trade war is imposed on us, China will fight back firmly as well.”

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