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The Netherlands - Weather: Summer is here to stay in the Netherlands- by Mina Solanki

It looks like the summer weather in the Netherlands is here to stay, at least until the end of next week. So, if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to take that trip to one of the Netherlands’ beaches or city beaches. Or, if you prefer, take advantage of the good weather and head on over to a national park or zoo.

On Thursday, July 12, frequent sun and temperatures ranging from 23C to 27C are forecasted. According to Weerplaza, up until the end of next week, July 22, the weather is expected to stay warm at 25C or higher.

On Monday, July 16, temperatures could even reach tropical values of 30C or above. This increase in temperature may make it feel rather stifling outside, as opposed to pleasant.

The Weerplaza weather model gives rather warm weather for the week of 23 to 29 July, especially in deep inland areas. In coastal areas, relatively higher temperatures can be expected, however, these are not as notable as in other areas of the Netherlands. During this week, a few rain showers are highly likely. 

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