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EU-US Relations: Six Ways How Trump Gets Trade and Europe Wrong - by Holger Schmieding

What Europe earns by selling goods to the U.S., it spends on licensing fees for U.S. technology and on U.S. services. Nothing unfair here.

U.S. President Donald Trump is bringing the world close to a genuine trade war. Judging by his own rhetoric, Trump gets key trade issues wrong on at least six counts

Can the US bully the EU?.

The EU as such is not a strong force in global politics. But its sheer market size makes the EU the top trading power of the world.

As a result, the EU is less inclined than any other region to give in to trade threats.

A well-balanced deal to liberalize U.S.-EU trade is possible, but only if Trump’s advisors start to understand the EU — and then manage to convince their president.

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