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Belgium - alternative energy: Germany's E.ON plans to build huge biomass power plant in Antwerp

A huge biomass power plant will be built in Antwerp, Belgium in 2018. The project will be a joint-venture between the German energy concern E.ON and the Port of Antwerp.

With an investment of EUR 400 to 700 million, the plant will become one of the Port’s major projects, supplying green energy for 340.000 to 800.000 households. The Flanders-based international chemical group Solvay is also a shareholder in the ‘Antwerp Biopower’ project. The power station will be built on what is known as the Solvay site.

The Port of Antwerp sees the biomass plant as a way to make its operations more economically sustainable and further expand its international exposure. The project is also expected to generate more traffic for the port, as most of the fuels for the biomass plant – wood pellets, wood chips and other biomass – will have to be shipped in from abroad.

The new E.ON plant will not be the only innovative power station in Flanders. Electrabel’s Max Green in the Port of Ghent – rated at 180 megawatts – is currently the country’s biggest biomass plant. E.ON also has plans to transform an obsolete coal mine near Genk into a power plant.


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