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Germany - mind control: New Technology Sends Ads Directly Into Your Brain

The next time you press your head against the window of a train or bus, you might hear voices. You’re not going crazy, but you are experiencing a new kind of advertising: a message that’s transmitted via sensor into your brain, which only you can hear.

To promote Sky TV’s new TV streaming app, Sky Go, BBDO Dusseldorf affixed transmitters to train windows, which sent out high frequency vibrations. These were translated into a verbal message, which passengers could only hear when they pressed their heads to the glass. It’s called bone conduction technology and it may make you question your sanity.

While it looks a little hoax-y, according to the agency, it’s real. The campaign launched with prototypes in early this year--the tech was used it in public transport vehicles in Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia and there are plans for a rollout across Germany.

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