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NSA Wistleblower: Venezuela confirms receipt of Snowden asylum request

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has confirmed that his country received an official request for asylum from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden on Monday. This comes after Nicaragua received his asylum application at its Moscow embassy.

“We received a letter requesting asylum” from Snowden, revealed Maduro, during a press conference prior to a meeting with Panama’s president, Ricardo Martinelli.

The fugitive "will need to decide when he will fly here," added the Venezuelan head of state. 
Maduro last week said that his country would provide Snowden with a safe haven from "persecution from the empire."

If Snowden were to travel out of Moscow on a scheduled flight, he would likely have to make a changeover in Cuba. Leader Raul Castro has said that he supports Snowden’s application, but made no mention of whether the country would offer asylum, or simply safe passage.  

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