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Personal Privacy: How to reduce those embarrassing Facebook moments

Many Facebook users have uploaded a picture onto their Facebook pages that they later regretted posting.
Whether it is a picture of themselves starting a food fight at a popular downtown restaurant or that time they accidentally clicked "like" on an article about bondage in Poland, many users have found themselves in this tricky spot.

Facebook's new tool called Graph Search makes it easier for people to find information about people, including all of that information individuals might not want others to know.
Some find this to be a privacy nightmare. To keep people from seeing those embarrassing moments, a Facebook user can go through his old postings, take public ones and move them to a "Friends Only" setting.
Slate offers these instructions for how to make changes:
  1. Under privacy settings, determine who can see future posts and past posts.
  2. In order to hide individual posts or likes, click "Use Activity Log." Look through the history and edit the privacy setting of each one.
  3. Limit who can see an individual's profile. Go to the About page and click the "Edit" button next to each category.
Facebook also offers tips about search privacy.
While Facebook has started rolling out the search function, it may take a couple of weeks for everyone to have access to it, according to Slate.

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