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Migration: Europeans head to Latin America to escape the economic crisis

As many well-educated people can't find jobs in crisis-stricken Europe, they turn south. More migrants are moving from Europe to Latin America and the Caribbean than the other way round. Jane Chambers reports from Chile.

Originally hailing from Seville in southern Spain, Magdalena Martín Sevilla decided to make Chile her new home after she couldn't find any work for months. In 2012, she packed her bags and left Spain.

"The economic situation has been terrible since 2008," she said. "It's impossible to find work in your area. People just end up doing low-paid jobs that they don't want to do."

Before the crisis hit, Sevilla, who's in her late 20s, studied with the goal of helping low-income families. After she graduated, she spent five months looking for work in Spain. When a foundation in Chile offered her a job, she didn't think twice about taking it. She moved to Chile's capital Santiago to fight poverty in Latin America.

Moving to Chile and fitting in was easy for her since Spanish is her mother tongue, but she says she still struggles as she misses her family and friends. And she feels people in Spain know how to enjoy life a little bit more.

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