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Railroad Industry - Macedonia: China's first bullet train exported to Europe rolls off line

The first bullet train to be exported to Europe rolled off the production line at Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd,a subsidiary company of CRRC Corp, on Tuesday, according to China News Service on July 7.

The train was made in accordance with the national standard of Macedonia and meets the TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability) standard. It boasts more complicated technology compared to the previous products exported to Europe, which include electric locomotives, subways and light rail trains, says the report.

The train is equipped with the advanced collision energy absorption system and it can ensure the safety of passengers and drivers when two trains collide. Safety is ensured running up to a speed of 36 km per hour, or a train running with a speed of 36 km per hour hits a 80-ton truck, and or a train running with a speed of 50 km bumps a 15-ton deformable barrier.

The train will run from north to south and travel through the capital of Macedonia. It will undertake 80 percent of the country's rail capacity, with a total length of 215 km. It is an important part of the 10th corridor of the Pan-European railway.

Macedonia's Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski thinks the cooperation helps Macedonia's dream: a long-planned bullet train project coming to fruition and has laid a solid foundation to further deepen bilateral cooperation in politics, economy and culture.

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