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Iran Nuclear Treaty: Unfreezing Iran’s economy could benefit everyone

Their economy gasping for air, Iranians expect a new crossdraft from the release of their frozen assets, part of the breakthrough deal trimming their country’s nuclear ambitions.

How those assets will bounce back, and how quickly, is far from fully predictable. De-toxifying the international regulatory atmosphere will be complex, but meanwhile, President Rouhani is keeping the message to his people simple.

Rouhani said: “Today is a new beginning, the beginning of a better future for our young people, and the beginning for our beloved Iran to accelerate its development.”

Major companies want to accelerate back into this market of some 80 million consumers. The general figure being floated is of some $100 billion in Iranian assets set to be unfrozen, personal or governmental assets, which by right means the assets of the Iranian people.

In response to his president’s promise, one Tehran store owner said: “Sure, it can be a new start. Our oil production will change, and in the end the economy. As far as I know, European countries are ready to invest in Iran and to have Iran invest there.”

Another retailer said: “No one would negotiate without a purpose. Sure, they’ll profit from our country, but it will be really good for us.”

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